Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dogi and obi care - some videos about folding your Karate suit and tying your belt.

Folding your dogi:
Sooner or later, all Karateka have to find a way to carry and store their Karate gi.  Here is a video of the method of folding your dogi that we teach in the club.  As explained in class, there are many variations on this process - this one is our preferred method Tuam Shobukan Dojo.  A quick glance around youtube will show you lots of alternative methods.  Some methods fold the gi into a larger square, the one we teach folds the gi into a more compact rectangle and is very easy to learn.

(Top tip: It's probably best to turn the volume down on this video!)

While it is not necessary to fold your dogi in this way, doing so helps maintain it and reduces wrinkling while it is in storage or your gear bag.

PS:  Here's a link to an interesting alternative method you might like to try.  Takes a while to learn but it ties together well.  Lots more variations elsewhere on youtube.

Tying your belt:
A common problem for low grade students is that they are unable to tie their belts correctly.  Karate belts are typically tied with a common reef knot, but it takes a little bit of practice to get the hang of tying it, and getting it to stay on takes a little bit more!  As a result of the frequent questions about belt tying we get from our students, these videos are being put here to help remind students of the way we teach them in class. The first is a no-frills basic example of how to tie your obi:

This second video by the famous Brazilian Jiu Jitsuan Rener Gracie gives some interesting variations on tying your belt that are worth a try for all those of you who are particularly interested. Worth a watch we think!

So there you have it!  We hope this helps people, remember if you're ever still not sure, don't ever hesitate to ask before, after or during class to have something explained to you.  That's what the instructor is there for! :)